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You open shop independently.

During the second International Exhibition on franchising “Buy the Brand 2004” the company Euromoda was awarded with the diploma THE LEADER OF RUSSIAN FRANCHISING in a nomination of the most attractive brand for investment. Today you can find EM Studio stores in many cities of Russia and Ukraine. Their quantity constantly grows, that serves as the best proof of efficiency of conducting joint business with the company Euromoda.

    We can offer several options of co-operation:
  • A store or a section shop-in-shop with one of the trade marks of the company Euromoda
  • A multibrand store or a section shop-in-shop with all or some of the trade marks of the company

Our company as a producer can offer

1. A fully prepared project of firm store (section) taking into account the features of your area.
2. Discount on wholesale prices
3. Advertising support
4. Manufacturing and installation of the equipment
5. An exclusive right on the city for half of year (from the moment of signing contract) with the advantage of opening the stores in your city or the next region.

An exclusive right on city is given according to the amount of population.

  • From 1 to 500 000 people – one store
  • From 500 000 to 1000 000 people – two stores
  • More than 1000 000 people – three stores

6. The company supplies with the advertising production (posters, booklets, catalogues, calendars, stickers)
7. Advertising (TV, mass media, exhibitions) placed by us all over the country will work on a straight line with your final buyer.
8. A visit of our manager for opening the section, positioning of collections and trainings for your employees.
9. Additional delivery of the store is not less than once a week.
10. Granting of all necessary documentation and certificates.
11. The right of use of trade marks is given for the term of the finishing of the contract.

If there are risks, we are ready to share them together

  • 30% of goods from the first delivery and 10% from the next deliveries you can change during 30 days
  • 10% of discount is given on the equipment
  • 15% discount on goods of your advertising budget
To start co-operation you are required:
  • Premise for retail trade ( not less than 100 m2 for separately placed store and not less than 50 m2 for a section shop-in-shop in the places of large streams of potential buyers)
  • The sufficient capital for initial investments and realization of business plan.
  • The plan of the premise with the exact sizes
  • The operational experience in business dealing is desirable

You should adhere to our sights at ways and methods of business dealing and policy of the company in fashion.

It is important for us you keep not only style and standards of EM Studio but get stable profit, providing scheduled sales volumes.

Initial investments:

Purchase of equipment - $120 -180 / m2

Purchase of goods - $28000 – 42000 for 10 items / m2

Rent of a premise

The salary fund

Charges on advertising are incorporated in the sum required for purchase of the goods and make 7 % from it.

Investing this money you get constant business with the account, that the goods produced by us cover all seasons, representing several trade marks. We offer multibrand store with full collection for double less than European prices but with the same quality of goods made from imported fabrics and accessories. Opening of the firm store (section) with the developing of the project, equipment and selecting of a collection take 2-3 months.

You should control over the store (section), отборка of collection, track additional deliveries and the most important getting profit in your region should be yours.

We are ready to give you the numbers which will help you to make the right choice. At the prospective area 100 – 150 m2 your turnover will be from $16000 to $50000 and with the recommended margin of 150% you will get from $9000 to $23000 of profit per month.

Our firm store EM Studio in Trade Centre MEGA

The firm store EM Studio in Trade Centre MEGA is an example of successful store working during many years and our card.

MEGA is one of the most visited trade centers in Moscow. Its visitors are our target audience, the broad audience of Muscovites and visitors of the capital in the age of from 17 to 40 years with average and above the average income.

The area of a premise is 150 m2, including changing rooms and storages.

Passability is from 24 to 32 thousand people per month.

The amount of items per 1m2 of trading hall is 30.

Profitability of sales is 42,02%.

Application Form for opening a store




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